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322 Main Street
Great Barrington, MA 01230
United States


A unique vintage farmhouse inspired array of home decor items ranging from beautiful large pillows to totes custom drapery and furniture and vintage art and photography.  Samantha Gale Designs is a one of a kind store where you can buy one if a kind accent items for your home made of the finest natural materials and with relaxed living in mind. Samantha Gale Designs can design, decorate and remodel your home or business, call for an appointment to begin living in your dream home today!





The Bohemian in all of us...

Samantha Thomas

Everyone has their own style.  Even if its no style.  When I decided to create my company, I wanted to bring my style to everyone.  I really wanted to create spaces that were comfortable and lived in, but that had warmth.  That is what I do.  The Bohemian in me comes out in that quest.  I think we all have a little Bohemian in each of us.  Who doesn't like a little bit of the organic vibe with vintage pieces and pops of color?

Personally, I search for my fabrics through many venues, flea markets, the internet and large vendors.  The story that a textile has to tell is important and has to move you.  I find one - and then another that belongs along side it.  It is a gut instinct.  We all have that gut instinct.  Following that initial feeling is the Bohemian in you.  I followed it into a new business where I create amazing things out of an idea.  To me there is nothing better then stepping into a space and feeling right at home.

Color is so important.  My home is white, but I add color in my drapes and pillows, rugs, and art.  It is essential that when guests enter my home they feel welcome and happy.... most important comfortable.  There are so many gorgeous showroom quality designed rooms out there but the thought of a toddler running through those spaces is a bit of a stretch.  Families live in homes, not museums. 

I hope that as you follow my site/blog/myself as a designer you are inspired and want to take that journey with me and create a cool relaxed unique space that can be lived in and beautiful.  I'm always up for consultations and room by room remodels for any budget and any U.S. location that a UPS truck can get to.   Bring the Bohemian in you to your life....

Much Love,

Samantha Thomas